If you would like to give to Urban Neighborhood Initiatives’ Earn-a-Bike program, please click here. Be sure to click on Earn-A-Bike program at the top.

Southwest Rides, L3C, is a social-purpose business subsidiary of Urban Neighborhood Initiatives, a non-profit 501(c)3. As a low profit, social purpose bicycle sales and service shop located in Southwest Detroit, we sell rebuilt bikes and related equipment to support our social mission. Southwest Rides uses bicycle mechanic training and shop management to empower young people through leadership and community engagement. We provide them with employment opportunities and the technical, business, and personal skills necessary to become productive adults.

As part of our partnership with Urban Neighborhood Initiatives, we help facilitate their Earn-A-Bike Program. Earn-A-Bike reinforces positive values, self-confidence and respect through a program in which young boys and girls earn their own bike after learning basic bike maintenance skills. Earn-A-Bike is staffed in part by Southwest Rides.

Donations are the heart of our entire operation. Our youth program is completely run using donations. Any bike we don’t use in our youth program, we refurbish, and sell in the bike shop. The money we receive from bike sales is then reinvested back to the bike shop and most importantly, the youth programs.