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Southwest Rides is a social-purpose business subsidiary of Urban Neighborhood Initiatives, a non-profit 501(c)3. As part of our partnership with Urban Neighborhood Initiatives, we facilitate their Earn-A-Bike Program. Earn-A-Bike reinforces positive values, self-confidence and respect through a program in which young boys and girls earn their own bike after learning basic bike maintenance skills. Earn-A-Bike is staffed in part by Southwest Rides.



What is Earn-a-Bike?

Earn-a-Bike is a program that has been happening around our country and the world for a while now. The idea is that you can obtain things in other ways besides through the use of money. Through learning, hands on experience and volunteering a participant can earn a bicycle. Often people will say the bike is “free” but this isn’t true. The participant put in hours of work in exchange for a bike at the end of the program.

How does Earn-A-Bike work at Southwest Rides?

Southwest Rides works with youth aged 10-17 in a six week program where participants completely overhaul a bicycle, learn safe riding techniques and then practice those techniques on the road with a ride at the end of the program.

How can I or someone in my family get into Earn-A-Bike?

If you or your family member are between the ages of 10-17 you are on the right track. After that you will need to fill out a permission slip at our retail shop or UNI’s neighborhood center located at 8300 Longworth, Detroit, MI 48209. When you sign up it is a 6 week commitment. We have 5 different sessions each year with our first one beginning in March and our last in October.


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